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We build upon the relationships nonprofits already have with the people they serve. This enables us, in partnership with the community, to galvanize citizens in low-income or hard to reach communities to increase equitable civic engagement, democracy building, voter participation and efforts for fair elections.


“Civic engagement must be understood as a constant, sustained practice that outlives election cycles and stretches beyond voting or formal channels for citizen input.”

- Building Civic Capacity in an Era of Democratic Crisis


  • Funder: administer a Request for Proposals, select and monitor local nonprofits in the Cleveland area who receive a mini-grant to participate in our voter registration and mobilization cohort. 

  • Educator and Trainer: conduct at least one annual Nonpartisan Advocacy + Engagement Training in Cleveland and customized voter education/engagement/mobilization and 2021 Elections educational opportunities as needed.

  • Convener: organize and coordinate events in partnership with Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for National Voter Registration Day, as well as for issue-based campaigns. 

  • Consultation: 1:1 consultation and technical assistant to nonprofit organizations as needed and participate in special projects as needed.