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Cleveland VOTES is a nonpartisan democracy-building movement that works to reconstruct and strengthen power through active participation of our collective partners. Guided by a system of networks, we promote informed, action-oriented mobilization that shifts power towards Equitable Civic Engagement and Infrastructure.


Watch this video by SunnyBlu Art Agency to learn more about our history, work, and culture. 

Where we’ve been.

History of Cleveland VOTES

Co-Founders Erika Anthony and Crystal Bryant created Cleveland VOTES to fill the voter registration void for individuals incarcerated and re-entering society. While our organization was founded in 2014, for the first couple of years we operated as a project and over the years have evolved into a critical organization in the democracy-building ecosystem.

Why Cleveland?

Democracy extends far beyond elections and we are at a pivotal moment in Cleveland. Clevelanders have deep distrust in local government and elected officials, yet with the recent elections there is some renewed energy. We want to harness that energy to not only strengthen our organization, but foster a social fabric that celebrates equitable democracy.


 The evolution of our work.

While we prioritize voter engagement and registration, Cleveland VOTES  also invests in civic education, partnering with local schools and education organizations regularly.  Giving the community access to information that is not always accessible is a priority. We want to remind all residents of their voting power constantly, not just during an election.


Here are some of the current donors whose generosity is helping to fund equitable civic engagement in Northeast Ohio:

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NBPA Foundation - From the Players - Logo Lockup Black.png


Building Democracy starts with you! Cleveland VOTES is here to serve as a thought partner in the process. Act Now!

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